Merck Vaccines Product Site Design


  • Interview business stakeholders to define vaccine product page priorities

  • Apply user research to inform design direction and prioritization of features and content strategy

  • Promote a user-centered design process within digital engagement teams to meet vaccine marketing objectives for web and mobile projects

  • Coordinate with marketing team to maintain consistency with email and advertising deliverables

  • Deliver responsive redesigns to increase usability and produce a more versatile design system

  • Previous layout created challenges with responsive web requirements for various device sizes.

  • Users struggled with navigation and safety content requirements interfering with UI.

  • Content strategy not focused on user needs, resulting in poor implementation, lack of calls-to-action, and persuasive data, which users identified as important.

Previous layout lacked user-centered content strategy

Responsive layout wireframes and revised global header adds more flexibility and optimized for various screen sizes