SimpleTire Responsive Website Design

The SimpleTire e-commerce user experience was struggling with a number of issues related to content strategy and technical debt carried into a responsive layout.

Using HotJar to observe user behavior in heatmaps and recorded sessions, it was clear the home page would benefit from a redesign. The new homepage needed to communicate the breadth of SimpleTire offerings, offer clear calls to action and promote new customer benefits.

Establishing a collaborative relationship with marketing leadership offered insights from Google Analytics, which showed that product landing pages were performing poorly on mobile devices.

Another key initiative was resolving problems with product landing pages displaying the wrong product to customers clicking on Paid Listing Ads from a vehicle Google search.

Goals for revising page design and content strategy:

  • a dedicated area to message our value prop

  • merchandise products with more regional awareness

  • display incentives like coupons and promotions

  • highlight product categories driving growth (RV, Passenger)

  • clear calls-to-action

  • showcase product brands customers new to SimpleTire will recognize and service offering with installation centers

  • drive increased traffic to product pages and enable higher conversion rates from mobile users

Assessing the mobile checkout experience helped prioritize list of UX changes to experiment with using A/B testing solutions, such as making coupon code entry field easier to find, adding service scheduling, and shipping to service provider.